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Now in its 11th year, Health Insurance Conference is region’s renowned conference, must not miss event for insurance and reinsurance companies, healthcare providers, governments, claims, brokerage and technology service providers. Strategically looking at evolving insurance landscapes in Asia and embracing new commercial concepts, and implications for pricing, insights will be delivered through case studies from top healthcare insurance providers.

“Well organized!, Relevant discussions to meet my expectations, Will contact some delegates in the future in relation to business.”
Dr Nicholas Munyonga, Head Managed Care, Premier Service Medical and Society (PSMAS)


Key Highlights

3 Co Located conferences
Pick and choose your sessions
Network across all three events
25+ Case Studies
By Regional Insurance Companies
150+ Companies
In Attendance
Digital Disruption
Healthcare Technology Impacting Insurance
Pricing and Medical Inflation
The Effects on Strategy and Pricing
Spotlight on Key Emerging Markets
The ASEAN, China and India

Hear from past participants

“Excellent! Insights into development of healthcare industry, focused on insurance schemes. Yes! Yes!”

Jenny Ang, Regional Senior Claims Controller, AXA Healthcare Management 
“Coming from another region, Sub-Saharan Africa, it confirmed that some things we are implementing and others’ views assist. We will have more people next year!”

Tendai Kapumha, Managing Director, Premier Service Medical and Society (PSMAS)
“Well organized!, Relevant discussions to meet my expectation., Will contact some delegates in the future in relation to business”

Dr Nicholas Munyonga, Head Managed Care, Premier Service Medical and Society (PSMAS)
“Good opportunity to know more about healthcare system and overview”

Antonius Ludra Prihastanto, Head of Managed Care Unit, PT. Asuransi Jiwa InHealth Indonesia
“Meeting old friends and making new ones. Keeping up to date with latest in the industry. Sharing individuals market experience, comparative perspectives and innovative ideas!”

Hanson Li, Managing Director, Huatone
“Gained knowledge about the challenges faced in health insurance sector. Got to know the experience of other countries in health insurance sectors. I would recommend attending this conference next year as well and am impressed with people met here”

Mariyam Nazuma, Senior Officer, Assandha Company Limited 
“Good event with up to date subject. I gained insights from experts of other regions. Please to meet with people. Uniqueness is different regions complimenting each other as subject matter experts from various regions.”

David Berhnad Rudolfhees, Head of Product Development, Tokio Marine Life Insurance
“Good, very interactive and friendly”

Emmanuel Badu, Senior Manager Operations, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance 
“This event is very useful for health insurance companies. Gained knowledge and all sessions are very informative. I would like to attend for future events like this event.”

Sathuna Dawood, Senior Officer, Assandha Company Limited  
“Good event + interesting presentations. Always good to network.”

Ian Wilson, Operations and Business Development Director, Family Medical Practice


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