The insurance industry is racing ahead to embrace fintech, digitisation and new alliance models. Coupled with developments and challenges unique to the healthcare sector, the market is ripe with new opportunities. 

The 12th Health Insurance Asia will address the impact and implementation of fintech and digitisation technologies in context to the healthcare sector. Backed up with a focus on product development, pricing strategies and optimisation of sales channels, the conference will help insurance companies enhance competitiveness, and at the same time improve accessibility and medical coverage.


2017 Speakers Included

Andre Czanik
Managing Director Health Insurance, AXA Singapore

Grace Fong
VP, Distribution, ConnexionsAsia

Elaine Chan
Chief Health Officer, Zurich Insurance Company

Dr Wong Chiang Yin
Member of the Health Insurance Taskforce (HITF), Council Member Singapore Medical Association (SMA)

Mrs. Yu-Hsuan Chang
Director of Planning Division, National Health Insurance Administration

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“Good event with updated subjects. Uniqueness is different regions complimenting each other, I gained insights from experts.”

David Rudolfhees,
Head of Product Development, Tokyo Marine

“The event is well packaged. Topics selected have been good and more networking has been done. I will be attending next year.“

Beatrice Amporsah,
MD, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance

“This event is very useful for Health Insurance companies. Gained knowledge, and would like to attend next year.”

Santhuna Dawood,
Senior Officer, Aasandha Company

“I would recommend attending this conference next year and am impressed with the people I have met here.”

Mariyam Nazuma,
Senior Officer, Aasandha Company


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